VNDC Master Account service

The VNDC Master Account is a special service of the VNDC Platform, this is a limited service for strategic partners.


VNDC Master Account includes 2 main items:
  • Virtual bank account (Deposit)
  • Cash transfer (Withdraw)
Normally, each user uses the VNDC Wallet application that will be provided a bank account number (VA - Virtual account) to receive money through bank transfer. The balance in the VA account will be synced with the balance of VNDC in the VNDC Wallet. VNDC users can withdraw money via bank transfer to their bank account at any time with the requirement that the beneficiary's name matches the username on VNDC Wallet.
With the master account, the partners can create unlimited VA to receive fiat from their users and send fiat to any users via bank transfer.

Regulations and requirements

To start the integration, you need to have an account in VNDC Wallet and the information includes:
  • VNDC Wallet account: Uses to manage the transactions, virtual accounts, balance), can be login at or the VNDC Wallet app.
  • An API key: <Provided by VNDC>
  • A secret key: <Provided by VNDC>



VirtualBank Account (VA account)

Create and manage the VA accounts


Verify and create withdrawal request

API documentation

You can get the full API documentation here